Winged Fairy – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

The image below was sent to me by one of the players in a Cypher System port of EN Publishing's War of the Burning Sky (D&D 3.5, D&D 5e)affiliate links that I am currently running. After flipping though multiple Cypher System books I couldn't come up with anything that really matched the idea of playing … Continue reading Winged Fairy – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

RPG Adaptation: Animorphs [Cypher System]

So, I just found out this week that there is an Animorphs movie in the works.... Umm.....Well that’s cool. Anyway this revelation made me finally get around to poking at an RPG adaptation for bits of this setting using Cypher System. It's not perfect, but it was fun to work on. Enjoy! Note: I do … Continue reading RPG Adaptation: Animorphs [Cypher System]

Review: Modern Types [Cypher System]

Contains affiliate links. Retail Price: $3.99 for the a digital copy at DriveThruRPG Publisher: Peculiar Books(Cypher Creator System) Designer: Michael Goldrich Year Released: 2017 Pages: 34 pages Genre: Modern System: Cypher System Requires: Cypher System Rulebook/ Revised Cypher System Rulebook One of the best parts about the Cypher System is how customizable the various elements are. Most notably, the … Continue reading Review: Modern Types [Cypher System]

Cupid’s Bow (Multi System) [Cypher System, D&D 5E, PF1E]

And Venus' son replied: 'Your bow, Apollo, May vanquish all, but mine shall vanquish you. As every creature yields to power divine, So likewise shall your glory yield to mine.” ― Ovid, Metamorphoses In case you haven't heard it yet, "Happy Valentine's Day!!!". Remember that the Greeks had multiple words for love, so don't get … Continue reading Cupid’s Bow (Multi System) [Cypher System, D&D 5E, PF1E]

Rings of Power Part 2: The Three [Cypher System]

"Narya, Nenya, and Vilya, they were named, the Rings of Fire, and of Water, and of Air, set with ruby and adamant and sapphire; and of all the Elven-rings Sauron most desired to possess them, for those who had them in their keeping could ward off the decays of time and postpone the weariness of … Continue reading Rings of Power Part 2: The Three [Cypher System]

Review: UXP Deck [Cypher System]

Contains affiliate links. Retail Price: $2.99 for the digital or $5.99 for digital and preprinted bundle at DriveThruRPG  Designer: Nathan Rockwood Publisher: Larcenous Designs Year Released: 2016 Pages: 31 Card Deck Type: Game Aid System: Cypher System(any) Requires: A Cypher System rule system based core rulebook: Cypher System Rulebook/Revised Cypher System Rulebook/Numenera Discovery/The Strange/Vurt/ ect. … Continue reading Review: UXP Deck [Cypher System]

Rings of Power Part 1: The Seven and The Nine [Cypher System]

"Those who used the Nine Rings became mighty in their day, kings, sorcerers, and warriors of old. They obtained glory and great wealth, yet it turned to their undoing.... And one by one, sooner or later, according to their native strength and to the good or evil of their wills in the beginning, they fell … Continue reading Rings of Power Part 1: The Seven and The Nine [Cypher System]

RPG Adaptation: Inuyasha – Shikon Jewel [Cypher System]

One of the iconic elements of the manga and anime series Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi is its resident MacGuffin, the Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls). Below is my humble attempt to capture the properties of this item in a Cypher System friendly form. Shikon Jewel - Complete (Artifact) Level: 15 Form: Spherical pink … Continue reading RPG Adaptation: Inuyasha – Shikon Jewel [Cypher System]

Artifact: Jolly Saint’s Vestments [Cypher System]

Just a little something in the spirit of this season of giving and sharing. I hope everyone out there has a very merry/happy [Insert Preferred Winter Holiday]. Jolly Saint’s Vestments (Artifact) Level: 1d6+1 Form: Red and white vestments embellished with gold. Effect: The user can retrieve a small handful of edible treats (such as dried … Continue reading Artifact: Jolly Saint’s Vestments [Cypher System]

Review: The Haunting of Creedmore Asylum [Cypher System]

Contains affiliate links. Retail Price: $3.99 for the a digital copy at DriveThruRPG  Designer: Tom Robinson Year Released: 2016 Pages: 24 pages Genre: Gothic Horror System: Cypher System Requires: Cypher System Rulebook/ Revised Cypher System Rulebook With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time that people are likely scouring the internet in hopes … Continue reading Review: The Haunting of Creedmore Asylum [Cypher System]