Winged Fairy – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

The image below was sent to me by one of the players in a Cypher System port of EN Publishing’s War of the Burning Sky (D&D 3.5, D&D 5e)affiliate links that I am currently running. After flipping though multiple Cypher System books I couldn’t come up with anything that really matched the idea of playing a fairy with wings in terms of species descriptors. So being the kind GM that I am I whipped up the following.

If you know the original source, please comment with it. I would like to credit the artists.

You are one of the fey, but unlike most of your kin you are especially beloved by the wind and so you were born with wings to bear you aloft.

Suggested Genres: Fantasy.

You gain the following characteristics:

Agile: +2 to your Speed Pool.

Long-Lived: Your natural lifespan (unless tragically cut short) is thousands of years.

Skill: You are specialized in tasks related to persuasion.

Skill: You are trained in tasks related to identifying natural plants and animals.

Wings: As long as your wings are unrestrained, you can usually fall safely from any height as a routine task and glide five times the distance fallen. You can potentially glide farther by making use of thermals or strong winds at GM discretion. If you are paralyzed or unconscious you can not control your glide and take half damage from falling. Your wings also count as an asset for flight tasks related to other abilities.

Magical Wings: At tier 3 or later, in lieu of gaining another option as part of your advancement you can choose to spend 4 XP to gain the Windrider(CSR199) ability

Cold Iron Weakness: As a member of the fey you are vulnerable to the touch of cold iron. Any defense tasks against cold iron weapons are hindered.

Fragile: You are light, but delicately made. When you fail a Might defense roll to avoid damage, you take 1 extra point of damage.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became
involved in the first adventure.

  1. Before striking the down intruders into your forest home, you confronted them and met the PCs, who were on an important quest.
  2. Your heart yearned for farther shores, and the PCs offered to take you along to new places.
  3. Your home was burned by strangers from another place, and you gathered the PCs along
    the way as you tracked down the villains.
  4. You have been banished from the fey realm. You think you can use the PCs to your benefit in reversing this.

CSR: Cypher System Core Rulebook Revised


Since the campaign in question is based on a D&D setting/adventure the game also incorporates the languages from that game. So, the player using this race in addition to speaking “Common” also speaks “Sylvan”.

Depending on the setting it would probably be a good idea to alter this descriptor’s “Cold Iron Weakness” to fit the setting.


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