Anime Adaptation: Ancient Magus Bride- Ruth (Akashic Mysteries) [PF1E]

If you haven't taken a look at the very beautiful and very sad anime/manga that is The Ancient Magus' Bride/Mahō Tsukai no Yome, you are missing out. One of my favorite moments in the anime was Chise and Ruth/Ulysse forming their contract. So here is my loosely inspired homage to their bond as an akashic … Continue reading Anime Adaptation: Ancient Magus Bride- Ruth (Akashic Mysteries) [PF1E]

Apocryphal Akasha: The Faithful (Title Veil) [Pathfinder 1E]

Azoth Games

“What is wrong?” But he sobbed quietly, saying nothing. His mother spoke again: “If you resent your brother Akana now for breaking his pledge, you will have nothing to say if he comes tomorrow. Are you such a child that you can be so foolish?” Thus she admonished and encouraged him. Finally Samon replied, “My brother came tonight to fulfill our chrysanthemum pledge. When I welcomed him with saké and food, he refused them again and again and said, ‘For this and that reason, I was about to break our pledge, and so I fell on my sword and came these one hundred ri as a ghost.’ Then he vanished. An Excerpt for the Chrysanthemum Vow by Ueda Akinari

The Faithful

Descriptors: Law, Necromancy, Title

Class: Rajah

Slot: Chest

Save: None

An ephemeral black haori decorated with white chrysanthemum blossoms appears on the faithful’s form.

The entitled gains the…

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Apocryphal Akasha: The 5th Horse■■■ of the Apocalypse [Pathfinder 1E]

Azoth Games

Oops, missed one…. I think?

Characters choosing the Purple Rider must replace another constellation with it. This choice may be made whenever the character first chooses a cosmology or adapts to a new one.

The Purple Rider

“And there went out another horse that was purple: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take truth and knowledge from the earth, and there was given unto him a great quill.” — Some Crazy Guy

The mantle of the Purple Rider is the obscuring light of misinformation.

Element: Variable; Gains the element of the constellation it replaces.

Manifestations: Sign, Equipment

Sign (Essence cost 2): You gain the ability to bestow the sign of the Purple Rider onto a willing Medium or Large sized animal of your choice. In addition to the glyph made by granting this sign, the marked turns the purple of a deep bruise. When…

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Constellations, Now With Signs! (Akashic Mysteries/Zodiac) [PF1E]

In previous posts I introduced some new constellations for the Zodiac class found in Classes of the Lost Spheres: Zodiac(affiliate link) from Lost Spheres Publishing. Specifically, The Forgemaster, The Hell Knight, and The Signifer. Each of these new constellations includes the ability to manifest a champion, which is effectively a summonable cohort. While this is definitely … Continue reading Constellations, Now With Signs! (Akashic Mysteries/Zodiac) [PF1E]

Veil Deck: Mysteries- Who’s On The Back? [Pathfinder 1E]

Lets take a lovely piece of decorative art and breathe some life into it shall we? Introducing, for the use of both GMs and Players alike, Anya Lal.  Like an iconic character, this character uses a 20 point buy and gained two traits at creation. Please note that this build employs the automatic minor veils(cantrip … Continue reading Veil Deck: Mysteries- Who’s On The Back? [Pathfinder 1E]

Winged Fairy – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

The image below was sent to me by one of the players in a Cypher System port of EN Publishing's War of the Burning Sky (D&D 3.5, D&D 5e)affiliate links that I am currently running. After flipping though multiple Cypher System books I couldn't come up with anything that really matched the idea of playing … Continue reading Winged Fairy – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

Iconic Fisherking: Aziz [Pathfinder 1E]

"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” — Hermes Trismegistus So ever wanted to play a Fisherking, but don't have the time to make one from scratch? Well you have come to the right place. Introducing Aziz the iconic Fisherking. The character takes its inspiration from the amazing … Continue reading Iconic Fisherking: Aziz [Pathfinder 1E]

Anime Adaptation: Code Geass- Absolute Protection Territory (Akashic Mysteries/Arcforge) [PF1E]

I recently watched the Code Geass recap movies and I felt inspired to pay homage to my favorite mech from the series. What follows is an interface slot veil, based on the Shinkirō's protective barrier the "Absolute Protection Territory". For anyone unfamiliar, the interface slot is the signature slot of the mech piloting and veilweaving … Continue reading Anime Adaptation: Code Geass- Absolute Protection Territory (Akashic Mysteries/Arcforge) [PF1E]

RPG Adaptation: Castlevania Forgemasters [PF1]

Having watched the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania through to its conclusion, I can honestly say that the characters that I found most interesting were the forgemasters Hector and Isaac. So, the following is my homage to them. New Trait Akashic Focus (Magic) You can channel your spellcasting through akashic constructs. Benefit: Select one veil you … Continue reading RPG Adaptation: Castlevania Forgemasters [PF1]