Artifact: Jolly Saint’s Vestments [Cypher System]

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Just a little something in the spirit of this season of giving and sharing. I hope everyone out there has a very merry/happy [Insert Preferred Winter Holiday].

Jolly Saint’s Vestments (Artifact)

Level: 1d6+1

Form: Red and white vestments embellished with gold.

Effect: The user can retrieve a small handful of edible treats (such as dried fruit, candy, and nuts) from within the folds of these vestments. A creature that eats the entire handful is nourished and sated as if it had consumed a large meal. In addition, consumption these treats restores a number of points equal to the artifact’s level to the creature’s Pools (or health). Treats vanish after 1 hour if uneaten.

Depletion: 1 in 1d20

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