Signature Items: Scheherazade’s Lamp [Dresden Files RPG]

This item was originally designed for a player that wanted to play an Indian Jones/Laura Croft-esque character and also wanted access to magical abilities, but didn't want to be magical himself. Along with the item itself there are two additional elements that go along with it: a new type of sponsored magic called Wishcraft and … Continue reading Signature Items: Scheherazade’s Lamp [Dresden Files RPG]

The Toll [Fiction]

“Hmm, perhaps I was a touch too generous in fulfilling my end of the bargain. Seems like she saw me coming,” I said shaking my head. “Why do they all do this? I'm just a simple business man.” I laughed. That last bit was something I couldn't say to myself in any seriousness, and I'm … Continue reading The Toll [Fiction]