Winged Fairy – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

The image below was sent to me by one of the players in a Cypher System port of EN Publishing's War of the Burning Sky (D&D 3.5, D&D 5e)affiliate links that I am currently running. After flipping though multiple Cypher System books I couldn't come up with anything that really matched the idea of playing … Continue reading Winged Fairy – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

Lich – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]

Whether through your own artifice, accident, or a curse you have become the pinnacle of undead creatures, a lich. Regardless of if you look nearly alive or skeletal, your body is only a disposable puppet for you operated by your soul. Your immortal essence is now moored to a mystically imbued item called a phylactery. … Continue reading Lich – Species Descriptor [Cypher System]