Nyarlathotep by H.P. Lovecraft [Narration]

In honor of this most frightful of days I am trying something a bit different. I submit for your listening pleasure, and the edification of beings that dwell in lightless places beyond knowing, H.P. Lovecraft's "Nyarlathotep" as read by yours truly. Enjoy! Halloween 2022- 4/4 Nyarlathotep by H.P. Lovecraft

Be Careful Who You Stalk In The Night [Fiction]

“What in the name of all the dark gods are you?” growls out a man dressed in bandit black as he struggles against the weight of a dark skinned, intermittently translucent, young man kneeling on his back. He shifts his gaze to glare up at another youth in fanciful clothing of red and gold. The … Continue reading Be Careful Who You Stalk In The Night [Fiction]

The Toll [Fiction]

“Hmm, perhaps I was a touch too generous in fulfilling my end of the bargain. Seems like she saw me coming,” I said shaking my head. “Why do they all do this? I'm just a simple business man.” I laughed. That last bit was something I couldn't say to myself in any seriousness, and I'm … Continue reading The Toll [Fiction]

The Watcher and The Witness [Fiction]

“Hi.” That was the first thing he said to me as I approached. A single word, small, and simple. The ring of standing stones, in their bed of flowing grass, that surrounded me were old familiar friends. The silver flame at their heart, was a solemn reminder. An eternal place holder in my memory, for … Continue reading The Watcher and The Witness [Fiction]