RPG Adaptation: Hellraiser

Halloween 2022- 2/4 Warlock Patron: Labyrinth Your Patron is a powerful being of the Labyrinth. You sought power, or perhaps to perfect your trade beyond what is possible via mortal or even most magical craftsmanship. You rang the bell and the Labyrinth answered. Regardless of what motive led you, you have bound yourself to the … Continue reading RPG Adaptation: Hellraiser

Anime Adaptation: Death Note (Akashic Mysteries) [PF1E]

Halloween 2022- 1/4 New Veil Set: Shinigami’s Visage Note: The veil Reaper's Scythe is also a part of this set. Death God's Wings Descriptors: Death, Teleportation, Variant  Class: All except Rajah Slot: Body, Shoulders Saving Throw: none Ragged, black, feathered wings stretch from your shoulders. This veil is a variant of the Angelic Wings veil … Continue reading Anime Adaptation: Death Note (Akashic Mysteries) [PF1E]

Veil: Jack’s Lantern (Akashic Mysteries) [PF1E]

"Each had a face sliced init. Each face was different. Every eye was a stranger eye. Every nose was aweirder nose. Every mouth smiled hideously in some new way."  -Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree Similar to the veil Drunkard's Sash, Jack's Lantern is available to all veilweaving classes. This veil while a bit odd should … Continue reading Veil: Jack’s Lantern (Akashic Mysteries) [PF1E]