RPG Adaptation: Hellraiser

Halloween 2022- 2/4 Warlock Patron: Labyrinth Your Patron is a powerful being of the Labyrinth. You sought power, or perhaps to perfect your trade beyond what is possible via mortal or even most magical craftsmanship. You rang the bell and the Labyrinth answered. Regardless of what motive led you, you have bound yourself to the … Continue reading RPG Adaptation: Hellraiser

Unarmed Combat and Magical Weapons [D&D 5E]

I am very fond of monks, druids, and other characters that rely on natural weapons and fighting unarmed. In fact I have something of a preference for such characters. However, I am also a fan of the shiny magical weapons that turn up in loot piles. Unfortunately, in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, while most melee … Continue reading Unarmed Combat and Magical Weapons [D&D 5E]