RPG Adapatation: Wolf’s Rain – The Wolves [Cypher System, Fate Core, D&D 5E, PF1E]

Paradise-Seeker for Fate Core

Note: This system already has a setting in place that is tailor made for dealing with intelligent animals, The Secrets of Cats. I plan to cover this setting in more detail in the future, but for this section I wanted to stick to the core game.


Paradise-Seeker Character Creation

From https://www.pxfuel.com/en/free-photo-ogklo

Aspects: High concept related to being a wolf (ex. Wolf raised by humans), trouble (ex. Doesn’t believe in Paradise), and 3 free aspects. If neither your high concept nor your trouble relate in some way to Paradise one your free aspects should.
Skills: One Great (+4), two Good (+3), three Fair (+2), four Average (+1).
Athletics, Deceive, Fight, and notice are skills that most paradise-seekers are at least fairly competent at. Shoot and Drive are skills that they shouldn’t really have and likely fall in the Mediocre (+0) rating.
Stunts: Human guise and 2 free stunts.
Stress: Stress and Consequences as per Fate Core.

New Stunt

Human Guise(Deceive). You can use Deceive to manifest a unique illusory human form around yourself as a defense against discovery of your true nature. The details of this form are static and cannot be consciously changed, but always reflects major physical changes to your body such as age and injury. This transformation is only an illusion but seems to interact with normally with creatures, objects, and phenomena.

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