RPG Adapatation: Wolf’s Rain – The Wolves [Cypher System, Fate Core, D&D 5E, PF1E]

Paradise-Seeker for Cypher System

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You gain the following characteristics:

Lithe: +2 to your Speed Pool.

Sharp Nose: You are trained in all tasks that would be benefited by an acute sense of smell.

Natural Weapons: You are practiced in making unarmed attacks with your own teeth and claws. Unarmed attacks count as as light weapons

Human Guise(2 Intellect points): You have the power to blend in with humans by wrapping yourself in an illusion. This illusion makes you appear to be a human with an appearance that is unique to yourself. The details of this form are static and cannot be consciously changed, but always reflects major physical changes to your body such as age and injury. This transformation is only an illusion but appears to interact with creatures, objects, your own abilities and other effects as if you were human. For example, a paradise-seeker biting an enemy could appear to be striking with a knife and a paradise-seeker walking around normally on four legs would appear to be a human walking around on two legs. Once created, the disguise requires no concentration. However, injury causes this illusion to flicker, possibly revealing your true form. If you are Impaired all other creatures gain an asset to see through this illusion and if you are disabled they gain two assets. This illusory form remains until you use an action to resume your normal appearance or until all of your pools are depleted. Action to initiate.

Skill: You are trained in Speed defense rolls.

Skill: You are trained in all tasks related to social interactions with canines.

Beast: Though you are intelligent you are still at your core a wolf. Things that would normally only affect animals can affect you.

Inability: All tasks relating to social interaction with non-canines are hindered.

Quadruped: You are a quadrupedal creature and lack hands or similar grasping appendages. Any task that involves manual dexterity is hindered and tasks that require the use of hands, such as using a gun, are normally impossible for you.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

    1. One of PCs raised you as pup, and you want to return that kindness.
    2. You believe that traveling with the PCs will help you to find Paradise.
    3. You were recently cast out of your pack and were in dire need of a new one. You saw the PCs as you were wandering and they just happened to have room for one more.
    4. You were originally hired to hunt down the PCs, but as you stalked them you found them to be far more pleasant than your employer and joined them instead of turning them in.

New Equipment:

Name Type Cost Notes
Saddle Bags Other Items Inexpensive
Barding Armor Varies In general, any type of armor could be made into barding for animals. The cost should be one category higher than that of normal armor. Most animals require help donning and doffing barding, but sufficiently intelligent animals that are at least practiced in armor should be able to do so unaided.

A note on descriptors: Unlike the versions of this race for Pathfinder 1e and D&D 5e, presented on pages 4 and 5, there are not any listed sub-race options for the Paradise-seeker. This is in part because the benefits of the sub-races could easily be covered by existing descriptors. To this end, for games using species descriptors in general and for the paradise-seeker species descriptor specifically, I recommend allowing all players to select two descriptors when building their characters structured as follows:

Name is a Descriptor and Descriptor Type who Focusor Name is a Descriptor, Species Descriptor Type who Focus.

To make and example out of a character from anime : “Tōboe is a Kind, Paradise-Seeker Explorer who Helps Their Friends”.

A note on cyphers: Due to a lack of hands, subtle cyphers are recommended for games making extensive use of paradise-seeker PCs.

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