Constellations, Now With Signs! (Akashic Mysteries/Zodiac) [PF1E]

In previous posts I introduced some new constellations for the Zodiac class found in Classes of the Lost Spheres: Zodiac(affiliate link) from Lost Spheres Publishing. Specifically, The Forgemaster, The Hell Knight, and The Signifer. Each of these new constellations includes the ability to manifest a champion, which is effectively a summonable cohort. While this is definitely … Continue reading Constellations, Now With Signs! (Akashic Mysteries/Zodiac) [PF1E]

RPG Adaptation: Castlevania Forgemasters [PF1]

Having watched the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania through to its conclusion, I can honestly say that the characters that I found most interesting were the forgemasters Hector and Isaac. So, the following is my homage to them. New Trait Akashic Focus (Magic) You can channel your spellcasting through akashic constructs. Benefit: Select one veil you … Continue reading RPG Adaptation: Castlevania Forgemasters [PF1]