Anime Adaptation: Macross (Akashic Mysteries) [PF1E]

So I have been re-listening to the songs from Macross: Frontier lately, a lot. Anyway, this is what my listening habits have inspired. Enjoy!

Minor Veil

Quantum Quartz Earrings

Descriptors: Conjuration, Language-Dependent, Transmutation

Slot: Headband

Save: None

These earrings allow music and affections shared between individuals to transcend the limits of space and time. 

Shaping this veil grants you a pair of silver drop earrings with a purple crystal suspended in each of their centers. As standard action you can touch a willing creature and cause one of these earrings to vanish from you and appear hanging from one of their ears (or similar protrusion). A granted earring remains until this veil is suppressed, destroyed, unshaped, or the creature granted the earring becomes unwilling. 

Your voice is clearly audible to any creature possessing one of your quantum quartz earrings as long as they are within medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./ veilweaver level) range of you. If you choose to whisper, other creatures must attempt a DC 25 Perception check to hear your voice, but a creature bearing one of your earrings hears you normally. Magical silence, 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal (or a thin sheet of lead), or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks the transmission of your voice. However vocal communication facilitated by this veil does not have to travel in a straight line. It can circumvent a barrier if there is an open path between you and creatures linked to you by this veil, and the path’s entire length lies within the veil’s range. You can also clearly hear the voices of any creatures bearing one of your quantum quartz earrings subject to the above limitations. The veil transmits sound, not meaning; it doesn’t transcend language barriers. 

Additionally, as long as you retain at least 1 earring for yourself you gain a +1 insight bonus on Perception checks to year the voices of your allies. 

Essence: All essence invested in this veil, is bound to this veil. For each point of essence bound to this veil, you are granted an additional earring that you can keep or later grant to another creature, and the insight bonus this veil grants you to hear the voices of your allies increases by +1. 


Voice Veil

Sonstress’s Voice 

Descriptors: Emotion, Sonic

Class: Fisherking

Slot: Voice

Save: Will

“Listen to my song!”

This veil grants you the ability to sing in a manner that sculpts the emotions of those around you. You can begin singing as a standard action and maintain this song of subsequent rounds as a swift action. This song can be performed together with any bardic performances or skald raging songs you possess (including masterpieces and sagas), but they must be started as separate actions. Other creatures within 10 feet of you that can hear this song must succeed on a Will saving throw or have their emotions soothed as if by calm emotions for as as long as they can hear you singing and for a number of rounds equal to your veilweaving modifier after they can no longer hear you, even if they move out of this veil’s range. 

Essence: For each point of essence invested in this veil, its range increases by 10 feet and you gain a +1 insight bonus on Perform (sing) checks. 

Chakra Bind (Voice): Binding this veil to your Voice Chakra increases your ability to sculpt the emotions of others with your song. When a creature fails its saving throw against this veil you can choose for them to be soothed as normal or you can cause apathy, courage, despair, or hope to well up within them. Make this choice for each affected creature individually. The effects of each of these is as follows: 

  • Apathy: A wave of indifferent lassitude washes through the creature’s soul, sapping them of motivation as if by the spell apathy
  • Courage: Indomitable courage blooms within the creature’s chest, inspiring them to great deeds as if they were under the effects of blessing of fervor.
  • Despair: The creature is filled with great sadness weighing them down as if they were under the effects of pessimism.
  • Hope: The creature is overtaken by boundless optimism, as if by the spell good hope.

Creatures can be affected by the apathy, courage, despair, and hope options of this veil a total number of times per day equal to your veilweaving modifier. 

Kingdom Effect: Your kingdom’s Councilor treats their Charisma or Wisdom modifier as being +1 higher when determining the benefit of their role. For every 5 veilweaver levels you possess this increase to the Councilor’s leadership modifier increases by +1.


Wonderous Item

Entangled Gem

Aura Moderate conjuration CL 9th

SlotPrice 10,000 gp Weight


This tiny purple gem when held to the ear of a veilweaver that has the Quantum Quartz minor veil shaped, seems to fold in on itself, vanishing, and becoming part of the veil

The veilweaver’s Quantum Quartz minor veil gains the following text:

Shaped: Once per day when granting a creature one of your quantum quartz earrings you take a point of essence burn to vastly increase the range of the communication between yourself and that creature. You can hear each other at any range, even across planar distances. However, if you and the creature are not on the same plane of existence, there is a 5% chance (rolled once per minute) that your voices will be garbled and unintelligible. Local conditions on other planes may worsen this chance considerably.  


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Sending Cost 5,000 gp


Diva (Fisherking Archetype)

Note: Though less commonly used, the masculine equivalent of diva is divo.

Some kingdoms are not places, or even the physical people that would populate them. A diva’s kingdom exists in the hearts and minds of those that hear the majesty in their voices and see their regal bearing. With song alone they can shelter or cow multitudes beneath their banners. 

Liquid Songs

A diva with the king’s cup hex crafts potions using spells drawn from the bard spell list that could be cast by a bard of their level. Additionally, they can use Perform (sing) as the crafting skill for such potions.

Dedicated Singer

Starting at 1st level, when shaping their veils for the day, the diva must select Songstress’s Voice as their Voice veil shaped. However, from this limitation comes a measure of mastery. They gain Focused Veil (Songstress’s Voice) as a bonus feat even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

This alters the fisherking’s veilweaving class feature. 

Moving Voice

At 1st level, a diva gains the ability to use their essence laden voices to command the spirit of others. This ability functions like and counts as the bard’s bardic performance ability, using the diva’s fisherking level as their effective bard level. However, the diva is limited to using Perform (sing) as a part of their performances (this includes any bardic masterpieces they may learn). Additionally, they do not gain the ability to start a bardic performance as a move action instead of a standard action until 9th level, and they do not gain the ability to start one as a swift action until 17th level.

When the diva ends a performance, they can reallocate their essence.

This ability replaces blessed land and the blessed land improvement gained at 9th and 17th levels

Enhanced Vocal Range

At 4th level, the diva gains the ability to put their singing voice to multiple purposes. Songstress’s Voice and another voice veil/peerless hex can occupy the diva’s Voice chakra simultaneously. Both of these veils count against their number of shaped veils, as normal. If the diva has the ability to bind veils to their Voice chakra, they may bind both of the veils to it. Additionally, Songstress’s Voice does not count towards the limits of the twin voice ability gained at 15 level. So at that level, they could have Songstress’s Voice and two other Voice veils, or peerless hexes, shaped and bound to their Voice slot. 

This replaces the hex gained at 4th level.

Peerless Performer

At 7th level, a diva’s very presence glows with grandeur. When shaping their veils for the day, the diva can decide to enhance their Bluff, Diplomacy, or Perform skill. They gain a bonus equal to half their class level on checks made with the selected skill. 

Additionally, the diva may take a point of essence burn as a standard action to use fabricate disguise as an at-will spell-like ability with a caster level equal to their class level. If they are maintaining a bardic performance they may use this spell-like ability as a swift or immediate action. Essence can be bound to this ability. As long as at least 1 point of essence is bound to this ability the diva gains access to an extradimensional space that functions like a bag of holding. This extradimensional space has a capacity of 8 cubic feet or 80 pounds of material. However, this space can only be used to hold clothing, jewelry, perfume/cologne, makeup, wigs, and disguise kits. Items stored in this space are counted as being carried by the diva for the purposes of fabricate disguise. Any items that this extradimensional space is capable of holding that are removed in the process of using the fabricate disguise spell-like ability are instantly stored in it. Items stored in this space are cleaned as if by the spell prestidigitation.

For each additional point of essence bound to this ability, it grants a +1 insight bonus to either of the other skills it can enhance that were not selected when the diva shaped their veils for the day.

This ability replaces regal presence. 

Songs That Transcend Words

At 12th level the messages carried by a diva’s songs are more than just the words that comprise them. They gain the following unique major hex:

Transcendent Song(Su): The diva’s language-dependent performances, and bardic masterpieces lose this descriptor. Additionally, they can use Perform (sing) in place Diplomacy to change a creature’s attitude. The diva can choose to gain this major hex a second time in place of gaining another hex. When gained a second time, their veils with the language-dependent descriptor also lose this descriptor as long as the diva is maintaining a performance or bardic masterpiece.

This hex can be shaped and bound as a peerless hex despite the normal limitation of that ability. Instead of the normal benefits of investing in a peerless hex, for every 2 points of essence invested in transcendent song, the DC to resist one of their bardic performances (chosen when shaping transcendent song) increases by +1.

Unlike most hexes, when this hex is shaped as a peerless hex it can only be shaped to the voice or neck slots. When shaped as a peerless hex, this hex takes on the form of a choker made of precious metals and glitters with gems. (Designer’s Note: The high bind section of the fisherking’s peerless hex ability should include “Neck” in the list of possible binds.) 

When the diva binds this hex to their Voice chakra, instead of the normal benefits granted by binding a hex to their Voice chakra via peerless hex, they gain the benefits of a feat with bardic performance as a prerequisite, or access to a bardic masterpiece, they meet the prerequisites for. Instead of the normal benefits granted by binding a hex to their Neck chakra via peerless hex, they gain the benefits of binding it to their Voice chakra outlined above and they gain the ability to take a point of essence burn to cast virtuoso performance as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to 1+ their veilweaving modifier. 

This replaces the hex gained at 12th level. 

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