Apocryphal Akasha: The Faithful (Title Veil) [Pathfinder 1E]

Azoth Games

“What is wrong?” But he sobbed quietly, saying nothing. His mother spoke again: “If you resent your brother Akana now for breaking his pledge, you will have nothing to say if he comes tomorrow. Are you such a child that you can be so foolish?” Thus she admonished and encouraged him. Finally Samon replied, “My brother came tonight to fulfill our chrysanthemum pledge. When I welcomed him with saké and food, he refused them again and again and said, ‘For this and that reason, I was about to break our pledge, and so I fell on my sword and came these one hundred ri as a ghost.’ Then he vanished. An Excerpt for the Chrysanthemum Vow by Ueda Akinari

The Faithful

Descriptors: Law, Necromancy, Title

Class: Rajah

Slot: Chest

Save: None

An ephemeral black haori decorated with white chrysanthemum blossoms appears on the faithful’s form.

The entitled gains the…

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