Anime Adaptation: Codes Geass- Absolute Protection Territory (Akashic Mysteries/Arcforge) [PF1E]

I recently watched the Code Geass recap movies and I felt inspired to pay homage to my favorite mech from the series. What follows is an interface slot veil, based on the Shinkirō’s protective barrier the “Absolute Protection Territory”. For anyone unfamiliar, the interface slot is the signature slot of the mech piloting and veilweaving class the Helmsman(affiliate link) .

New Veil

Absolute Protection Territory

Descriptors: Force

Class: Helmsman

Slot: Interface

Save: None

Your intellect and access to advanced shielding technology often frustrates enemy attacks. 

When you are attacked, a matrix of red hexagonal energy shields bursts into existence between you and harm, granting you a +1 Deflection bonus to AC. 

Additionally, a number of times per day equal to 3+ your veilweaving modifier, as an immediate action when you would be hit by a melee or ranged attack, you can take a point of essence burn to restructure the energy shields to precisely deflect the attack away. To do so, you must make a successful Knowledge(Engineering) check with a DC equal to the attack’s attack roll (or 15 + the attacking creature’s CR in the case of targeted attacks that don’t require an attack roll, such as a magic missile) to negate the attack and treat it as a miss.

Essence: For each point of essence invested in this veil, the deflection bonus to AC increases by +1.

Chakra Bind (Interface) [He9] By binding this veil to your Interface chakra you gain the ability to deploy the matrix of shields produced by it in one of the following configurations as a protective barrier. This effect requires a standard action to activate, or to change the configuration, and lasts until you end it as a move action. While used in this way you lose the normal benefits of this veil.

  • Cylinder: 5-ft. radius, 5-ft. high cylinder of force centered on you. The radius or height of the cylinder increases by 5-ft. per point of essence invested. You can choose for this cylinder to be open on one or both ends as a part of activating this ability.
  • Dome: 5-ft. +5 per point of essence, radius hemispherical dome of force centered on you 
  • Wall: 5ft. +5ft per point of essence, square vertical plane of force adjacent to you.

Each of these configurations has hardness 10 +1 per point of essence invested in this veil, and a number of hit points equal to twice your veilweaver level. Any damage taken the protective barrier recovers fully after a minute, and still recovers at this rate even if you change the shape of it, or end and later reactivate it. If the barrier is broken, this veil is suppressed for 1d4 rounds.

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