Path of the Investor-Vizier(Akashic Mysteries & Warbreaker) [Pathfinder 1E]

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This new mystic attunement for the Vizier class is a combination of two things I absolutely love. Its made up of the veilweaving alternate magic system from Dreamscarred Press’s Akashic Mysteries and Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Cycle; specifically, Warbreaker’s signature form of investiture(magic) breath/biochromatic breath. If you are unfamiliar with either of the two you should give them a look.

In addition to the Pathfinder 1st edition core rulebook, using the content below requires access to Akashic Mysteries (the Vizier class and veilweaving rules) and the Samurai Sheepdog’s The Book of Many Things: Campaign Exclusive Content (Breath for PF1E including the Awakener feat pg 67).

Path of the Investor -Vizier Mystic Attunement

A vizier that follows this path has come to understand that essence is not the only vital force within creatures, and has made this knowledge his stock and trade. An investor in addition to manipulating essence is also a master of breath.

The vizier gains Awakener as a bonus feat.

In addition, at first level he gains the following ability:

Essence Conversion (Su): An investor knows that because essence and breath stem from the same source there is a degree of interchangeability between the two that can be exploited. As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity the investor may take essence burn to generate temporary breaths. For each point of essence burn taken in this way the investor gains 5 temporary breaths. Temporary essence, from any source, cannot be burned to generate temporary breaths. This essence burn cannot be healed or recovered in any way as long as the temporary breaths exist, though it begins to recover normally once the temporary breaths have been dismissed.
Dismissing temporary breaths takes a move action and may be done all at once, or in any amount evenly divisible by 5. Temporary breaths that can’t be retrieved can still be dismissed. Any effects or benefits resulting from holding or transferring temporary breaths end when they are dismissed. Temporary breaths function identically to normal breaths except that they can not be given to another creature or used to craft awakened steel.

At 5th, 9th, and 13th level the vizier gains a breath feat of his choice. He must meet the prerequisites for these feats

At 17th level, the vizier reduces the amount of breath that must be transferred or held to gain the benefits of a feat with Heightened Awakener in the name, by 10%(minimum 1).


Image by Silhouette1

Awaken Veil (Akashic, Breath)

Prerequisites: Int 3, Awakener, Linguistics 1 rank, able to speak
at least 1 language.

Benefit: You can transfer breaths into your veils, allowing them to be awakened, store breaths, or be affected by feats with Heightened Awakener in the name. Your veils are treated as objects of their relative size and description(ex. Belt of Woven Gold is a belt suitable for a creature of your size) made of organic material for the purposes of transferring breaths or awakening. Only veils with a defined shape consistent with an object that could be targeted by animate object can have breath transferred into them. The veil Belt of Woven Gold could have breath transferred into it, but Vanth’s Eyes could not. If a veil containing breaths is suppressed or unshaped, you instantly regain half of the breaths it contains, the rest are lost until the veil is reactivated or reshaped.
If a veil is awakened or animated it may leave your possession and act as an independent awakened object, but you lose any benefits from the veil, though it does still count against your total number of veils shaped. It has hardness equal to your veilweaving modifier.

You gain 1 point of essence.


Invest the Awakened (Akashic, Breath)

Prerequisites: Int 3, Awakener, Linguistics 1 rank, able to speak
at least 1 language.

Benefit: You can invest an object that contains breath with essence. Objects containing breath act as essence receptacles and can be invested with essence just like a veil. As long as at least 1 essence is invested in it an object gains a bonus to its hardness equal to your veilweaver level.
If the object has been awakened or otherwise made animate via transferring breath, for each point of essence invested in the object it gains a +1 insight bonus to attack and damage rolls, saving throws, and skill checks, as well as gaining 5 additional hit points.

You gain 1 point of essence.

New Plant

Image by stux

Nalthisian Tears (Tears of Edgli)
Price 50 gp
This rare flower is well known for its many colored blooms and the vibrancy of the pigments produced from it. The intense color of items colored with these pigments make them a highly sought after commodity in areas where awakeners are common.

Gather DC 20; Yield 1 dose
Terrain jungles

Preparation Raw Nalthisian tears are mashed, mixed with water and alchemical reagents, and the resulting mixture is poured through a fine sieve to extract their color to produce a vibrant pigment. Processing a dose of the pigment takes 4 hours and requires a successful DC 15 Craft (alchemy) check.

Use Nalthisian tear pigment can be turned into a dye or mixed into paint, which can be used to color an object as part of its crafting process. A single dose of enough to coat a square foot of material, or dye a single medium sized garment. Wearing garments or jewelry colored with Nalthisian tears grants a +1 circumstance bonus on charisma based skill checks when trying to trying to influence nobles or courtiers. This bonus is lost if the object is drained of its color.
An object colored with these pigments, is considered to be vibrant in color for the purpose of loosing its vibrancy to reduce the total breath required to awaken an object or use an ability granted by a breath feat.

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